With a little help from your friends

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is a lesson, that the new internet tycoons need to take to heart.

To be a jew is a to be Mensch, that is, always forgiving, always seeing the positive part in someone you don’t know, spur for positive growth, help those in need, do something for humanity. Be humble and let other take the glory and the fame.

That is what it means to be a Mensch, a human being in a world of destruction and fighting.

In these days, there are bunch of Jews who, by the brilliance of their minds, have created the backbone of the democratic infrastructure of the internet. You know who.

But they have, through their power forgotten what it is to be a Mensch.

You know, when I started my career, it was the same. I had all the powers of a brilliant individual. I am so skilled and talented.

But because I have another thing, I am quite narrow-minded when it comes to ethics, I repeatedly had problems with my surroundings. And coming from the land of the Emperors new clothes, lack of humility is severely punished by everybody.

Provincial some might call it, other calls it the leading civilisation of the world, pick your own flavour.

But through this process of humiliation, I have actually become pretty humble. I do not seek aggrandisement, but pure good.

Dont get me wrong, I miss being with people like myself, but the aim is always the betterment of humanity.

So, if you can actually learn from an old Jew like myself, who have been through a lot. Learn a bit of understanding. Learn that you are only an insignificant piece of the great puzzle, and the legacy you leave behind is relative not your power, but how you USE your power. Do you use it for good or bad? For Democracy or just making money?

G-d will judge you, and being a Jew, will only make the bar sit much higher. G-d judges us with another meter. We have so much power, and therefor G-d will look at us with a keen eye.

It is a potential as well as a danger. Do we not heed that calling, we will, potentially, create animosity amongst people of the world. Antisemitism, and hate.

Only if we succeed in treating our power with humility, and GIVE instead of taking, then we are propelling the world in a positive direction.

Juadism is harsh for a reason, and the reason is, that we are judged by a higher meter.

So please new tech generation, learn from my problems and suffering, and be a good person. Help instead of thinking about money and wealth. Share instead of keeping and make a better world.

If we do that, we create peace and thereby a foothold for Israel, the home of all Jews.

It would be appreciated by all.

G-d bless the will to shed ones own needs in the face of suffering, and help those who need it. G-d bless Israel.

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