What now media?

There has been a lot of discussion of the media and its role in a modern democracy.

I have been at the negative end of the Danish media for around ten years, so naturally this has had som implications on my own existence as a writer and as an intellectual.

But seen in a historical view, we may be able to see what is coming.

When media was initially invented, as a part of the French Revolution. It was a tool of enlightenment. The idea was, that lies and secrets was an enemy to the Republic.

These ideas stem from a humanistic ideology represented, among other things in the Statue of Liberty, that the U.S. got from France.

The next great step in media development was in the workings of the Nazi media. Goebbels was master in MANIPULATING the public. He devised a decrepit and destructive system where Jews and other enemies of the German state were depicted as evil animals. Propaganda was born.

Contrary to most public opinion, these tools of statecraft did not die with the nazies, but lived on in the Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union, the propaganda was put to good (bad) use.

Somehow in the 68 generation, they sucked up the ideas in some form in the West, and it has been a part of the way media operate in the West since.

To be honest, the western media is a mix of French Revolution ideals and Nazi ideas.

How does this manifest?

It manifests in the LACK of covering certain issues that the socialist media deem off limit. That is mainly migration, Islam, Nationalism and so on. If you touch these areas, the media will often react with cutting you off.

At the same time it still tries to tackle corruption in the state and so on. So it is not all corrupted and influenced by nazi ideas. But only half.

So what happens now?

Let me give you an example.

When the Russians won the war over Nazi Germany, they accidentally killed a lot of civilian Germans at the east front, simply because the civilians DID NOT KNOW that they were coming. The Nazi media had kept them in the dark about it, and continued feeding the public lies about the way the war went.

So not until the Germans could actually hear the Russians coming did the consider fleeing.

This is truly how propaganda works, by EMITTING certain truths that is deemed unwanted for the public. Putting a lid on and so on.

But as happened to the Soviet Union, the reality on the streets became so different to what the media purported, so people realized they have been lied to. Or people start getting news in other ways.

Now BOTH mechanisms are working against the media agenda. In Europe, the happy multicultural Eden is not exactly appearing, and the Internet has brought a hitherto unknown freedom of expression.

Now you can scream as much as you want, if people can get their news from other sources than what they are used to, they will.

Here the media has a huge problem. The ambivalence between French Revolution ideals of free speech, and the Nazi ideals.

On one hand they buy into the Socratic ideals, at the other hand, these ideals lead to a problem in stopping the competition from blogs.

The infiltration of universities and media simply does not work anymore.

Propaganda still work in North Korea, because it is hermetically sealed. But it does not work in the West.

This is a wake up moment for the media. My solution has been to get rid of the Nazi ideas, and go full tilt on the humanistic ideas. Shed all the ideas of control and truly enlighten the world.

In this sense I believe that this blog is an ideal to the media.

But, we will see, and one thing is certain, I will NEVER be invited into the Dansh media, the hate is too strong.

G-d bless the will to enlighten.

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