What makes the US great to me

This whole discussion about the Kurds really have made me think about what the US is.

To me, as a philosopher, the US is the realization of my own ideals. I am a Democratic\humanistic philosopher from a Protestant country. So what I am trying to realize in the world is the same as what the US truly is. For me, that is not a thing that is about trying to convince the US to go my way, we simply happen to be a match.

I try to further the Democratic/humanistic ideals, and the US does the same.

When I began, I tried to realize these ideals here in Denmark, and I believe that I have been successful in doing so. But in the world, Denmark is a small player. But our best friend, the Americans is not a small player, so we have kind of teamed up, and fought our wars together.

So seen from this perspective, the philosophical perspective, what truly makes you great, as the US, is your idealism.

You are truly believers in the values of Democracy and humanism. That is why we like you so much.

That is what makes you great. Your values.

I don’t know if it makes sense for you to see from outside, but sometimes it is good to have someone who are looking at you from a few meters away to give their positive opinion.

So what you really like about me, is truly yourself. I am just a reflection of your own positive sides.

The positive sides are what makes you the leader of the world.

So, you just have to realize your own American values, and just be yourselves, and you will be successful.

I hope, that the love of your friends will help, at least we are here to try and help the best we can.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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