What happened?????

Well, what happened in the British election? To truly understand this, I think one of the true answers, at least as to what I have contributed with, is what we in the computerworld call “disruption”.

When I started my career, I started working with computers. In fact, I have a masters in usability, that is I am educated in the art of making computers work with people.

This idea championed by the founder of the computer company Apple.

In a way, Steve Jobs has been a huge inspiration to me, in my life.

The way disruption works, is by making moves in a market based on an exceptional understanding of the market.

The same has been my attempt in politics, through an exceptional (if I may be so bold) understanding of political theory, I have advised the different leaders of the world in politics.

As I see it, that is a combination of a modern approach with a classical approach.

I think, that is really the secret behind my success as a philosopher.

The realizations and ambition of disruption in politics as a motor in politics.

Politicians love to really actually make progress, and have done so on the back of my ideas.

In fact, I think, that that is what really is the staying power of the ideas that I give to the different politicians. They actually work.

When Steve Jobs presented his iPhone, people thought that it looked uninteresting. But I could see, that he combined his knowledge in usability, that is the knowledge of making computers work with people, with a device that was packed with as many technical capabilities as possible.

It had to work, it was simply to good a device.

Anyway, we have only seen the beginning of the Changes I have thought and planned. Hopefully the end will be a better, more secure, more prosperous Britain and world in general.

G-d bless the will to Change.

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