Welcome mr. Joe Biden

Welcome Joe to the White House. It is pretty strange, I remember, that I prophesized it many years ago at the Obama time, but was pretty put down when you didn’t run for president.

Not only was I sorry that you didn’t make it, but I was questioning my own ability to read the political landscape.

Be as it may, here you are, and congratulations.

First of all, I had you back when you needed it the most, and so I will continue to stay a true friend through your service. When everybody else is abandoning you, I will still be there. I don’t change my loyalty very easily.

Secondly, be careful about angering the conservatives right now. I know, that you feel an urge to change all that mr. Trump has done, but be careful and test the waters before you change too much. What we need is healing and coming together again, that requires diplomacy and the ability to listen.

Doing what Trump did again will tear even greater rifts in the fabric of the nation.

Then there is Kamala Harris, the true heir to a lot of the Obama era politics in terms of uniting the people, reaching out to the people of color and staying on the path of rev. Martin Luther King.

She will be your anchor and good friend.

She will be formidable.

So instead of changing so much right now, take it easy, reach out, mend fences, talk to people, be the exact opposite of mr. Trump in terms of forcing your way.

Be the uniter not the divider.

Be a man in the middle.

Concerning all your threats and difficulties with China, that will be on the table before long. Here again do realpolitik. They are a threat to US interest, so move your troops and test the waters with them. But don’t go gong ho pressure on them, show your might, but don’t be too much. They need to know, that they have an adversary that is rational and do things within reason.

Be predictable.

I will try to forge a support for you from Europe and the UK. But we have our own problems over here, and so we may very well need our troops in the vicinity.

But this is not a Napoleons first 100 days, this is a mission of mending fences and feelings, and supporting what is most important of all, that of the American soul.

It is wounded make it heal.

G-d bless the will to do good, do good actions and heal the rifts.

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