We should unite

The current presidentship of mr. Biden, has been all about leading, but it has not worked, why? Because to lead, you need to represent all those you want to lead. In Baracks time, Barack had a really good rapport with most of the leaders of that time. They really liked him, so they accepted his vision.

Right now, due to all the chaos of the world, people do not see the US as someone to lead them, they see the war in Ukraine, and they do not want to get into the mess.

So, in order to get back into the game, we need to REPRESENT all of the world. Make friends, listen to people, give them a place at the table. That is how you lead.

When Barack started, it was after Bush, and Bush is a nice guy, but he was not that strategic. Not like Reagan. Reagan was a very capable president.

So, my idea was, to turn the things around, and make the US extremely wise. Make the US, the person in the room that people respected due to his or her wisdom.

That worked. We found a balanced way of doing things, that all in the world accepted and understood, all were happy.

So this is way we did it under Barack, and that was a succes. Now we have Woke, and to be honest, I do not like Woke very much. Not because I have anything against fighting racial prejudice. I mean. I am not exactly white myself. But because it is shallow and unproductive.

I midleaning Socialdemocratic stance is better, to my mind.

Go with rev. King, who wanted to change to world through understanding and acceptance, not all this fingerpointing as what happens with woke.

So, there is that choice, go with people who unite us, or people who puts us further apart. I am all for uniting with a unifying aim.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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