The current situation is heading for a mass war in Europe. That is really the situation. I am not saying this because I want it, absolutely not. But we need to be clear about the development to try and steer Europe away from the looming catastrophe.

I know, I have been more realistic in the latests posting. We have a two front war, or even three front war.

If we push the Ukraine war, it will spread, and the ground work is laid out for a catastrophe of a conflict.

If Sweden enters the war, Saudi Arabia will give the potential ok for a mass mobilisation of the muslims of a more right wing understanding in Sweden. So Sweden is caught between a hammer and the anvil. Sweden will never survive this pincer push.

Yes it is Swedens own stupidity and naivety that has brought it to this, but the war on Sweden will be devastating anyway. People will die in the most horrible way.

So, there is actually a small chance of nuclear war, but there is a very real risk of a caliphate in Sweden.

Not to mention the situation in France, that has been in a state of alarm since the Charlie Hebdo attack. These things are real. The UK is faring, comparably better, but to be honest, after Luthfur Rahman won the election in East London, who knows what will happen in the UK. The situation is dire there as well. We are living in a tinder box, and everybody are trying to light the fire.

It reminds me very much of the situation before the First World War.

We risk destroying Europe as such, at least central Europe.

Essentially it is all up to Joe, and the Democratic administration. How long are we willing to go Joe? I know that Russia is an enemy, but destroying Europe.

I might be wrong, and I certainly hope so, but the option of peace is still on the table, so please consider this.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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