Here we go again, another terror attack. This time done with simple tools, and so easy to do. All you have to do is to have knife, and then start aiming at people. 

We are so vulnerable against these attacks. 

It is on high time, that we stop treating these cases as police matter, and start treating them as they obviously are; war. 

The great differences between police work and military work are the differences on methods.The police will work with less severe methods. Put people in jail, try to prevent people from being warriors and so on. 

The military will work on disrupting the organizations of the enemy, take down as many as possible and so on. 

In a way war is much more simple than police work. 

When you have war, usually the two parties coalesce around a political or religious standpoint. We fight for justice and Democracy, they fight for the Caliphate and sharia law. 

We both believe in the quality of our own system. 

But, to be honest, the reason why we like it, is because it is our own. 

The war does not start with the competition of political systems, it starts with material competition. We compete over land, resources and so on. 

This is a fact we need to realize, and act upon. We have an enemy, who is competing with us on resources. They are not wanting to share, even though we have been so naive to believe that people who are a part of a often, but not always, violent religion, would sing the same naive songs as we do. 

Wake up, they do not. They sing songs of conquest and domination. It does not add up. 

So far, the strategies of the police has been to try and cast a net over all the jihadis, but not do much otherwise. When they were on the brink of a terrorattack, the would be caught and put to prison. In prison they would, or they do meet with other jihadis, who control the prison, and therefor they are not taught good manners and end up better citizens. No, they end up even more radicalized. 

At the same time, the police has, meticulously, trampled down any kind of discussion on these issues. If you dared to tackle the taboo, you were basically put on a death list. As Mr. Tommy Robinson can attest to. Maybe he is not right in all his ideas, but at least he has the guts to discuss it. We need an open, serious discussion on these issues to tackle them. 

This has, more or less, left the entire discussion to me, because, I am the only intellectual who is so openly Democratic, and open about it, so we have reserved a little space for me. But this is too meagre and little. We need a much broader and more serious discussion on these issues. 

All in all, the increased funding of the police has not led us closer to any solutions, but just postponed the inevitable. 

There is no silver bullet, but we need to change course. Because what we are doing right now, is not good enough, and it will only get worse. 

We need to realize, that the police cannot handle the problem, and we need to hand it on to those who know something about war. The military. 

The military is not an uncivilized part of the state, it is a highly professional, extremely competent part of society. They know what they are dealing with, we have been fighting these buggers for many years. 

Yes it will be bloody, yes it will crave sacrifices, but not realising the war, is much, much worse. 

And if someone wants to get reelected, she needs to change tactics. The electorate have had enough, it is time to change tactics. 

I will be here to guide you, as I have done in the rest of the ISIS fighting, so it will not be uncivilized. 

So, COME ON! We need to look this monster in the eyes and start fighting it. COME ON!

G-d bless the United Kingdom.

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