Now when Britain has become free, and then has to find itself in a new role in a world that has changed massively since the admission into the EU, new ideas have to be thought.

When the Roman empire fell, it took a long time for it to refind its true new role.

It went like this. After all the invasion of the vikings of that time, the central administration was kept in one piece not with regards to the political or the military infrastructure, but the faith.

As the two arms of the Roman empire vanished the church just kept on keeping on.

The good thing about this was, that the provinces that used to be a part of the Roman empire could still be inspired and helped in terms of civilisation, while as the direct control that, honestly was a yoke around the neck of many of the provinces, was removed. Thereby giving each province a much more free connection to Rome.

This model was so succesful, so that when the southern european states expanded in the 14 and 15 century, they took this model to the Americas.

It is still like that.

The same role could be one for the British empire. So that the influence and sway that London holds over the former parts of the empire is mainly through cultural development and the facilitation of cooperation.

This seems to be quite popular among the former colonies, to be a part of a wider commonwealth.

There is the fact, that the military wing of the British empire is still intact. So there is a possibility to bolster the support London could give around the world to allies with firepower as well. Some of the conflicts in China and in Africa are quite harsh, and should be supported by the military wing.

In this way, through culture and military support, the empire could slowly find its footing again.

It will never be controlled directly from Whitehall again, but a new more sustainable balance could be found. I mean, the Roman empire is still here 1700 years after it fell. Perhaps the British empire could do the same.

In other words, what we are doing now, is laying the groundworks for a development that will culminate in thousands of years.

It is this perspective that is truly scary and wonderful at the same time, so much potential, so much work to do.

But it is this mission, that truly calls for historical action.

A person living in this process will be hailed down through the next thousands of years as reformers and visionaries. Imagine that.

And g-d bless the Anglican Church, because the anglican church will be the most important frame around this development.

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