Virgin Mary

There has been a lot of debate about the paper, that the current commissioners made in the EU bureaucracy.

Seriously? Putting beard on the Virgin Mary. The spirit of Christianity, and here at Christmas time.

To me, this is beyond evil and respect less. I have, with both the Biden and Obama administration done a lot to respect the muslim faith. We have been critical, with good right. But we have NEVER put so much disrespect to the Christian faith, on contrary we have done what we could to elevate and help, wherever help was needed.

In this spirit, and because it is Christmas, I wholeheartedly support his eminece Francis the first in his criticism of the EU bureaucracy. What confronting and disrespectful manners.

I side with his eminence Pope Francis, and hereby support my version of Virgin Mary, as the pure of heart, clean and beautiful example of life.

G-d bless the Vatican State and may it prevail.

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