To understand the way of the US, one needs to understand what it really is. To me, this was realized, when I attended the symposium in Oxford a few months back, and heard a lecture of two esteemed gentlemen on Johnny Cash. One thing really sprung to attention, and that was the dream of the US as of being a new Israel.

This is really the background story behind the unwavering support of the US to Israel, and the reason why Israel and the US is so close. Because as Israel is the home of the Jews, it is also a part of the American dream.

Now, before we start lecturing on this topic, which I believe is pretty much what the US is all about, I believe, that we should go back a step, and look at what Israel really is, or is supposed to be.

It is all written in the Bible, in the story about Adam and Eve. It says, that Adam Kadmon, as we call him in Jewish circle, the first man, was a man living in Eden.

So this is really the key to understanding Israel, because what is Israel? It is the religious attempt at coming back to Eden as a place here on earth.

And this is really where things get interesting, because then the next logical or obvious question is; what is Eden?

If you look at the Bible or the Thorah from a superficial perspective, you do not really get it. Eden seems to be a place in heaven or something of that nature. But the true perspective is, that Eden, or rather Eridu, the first city of man, actually existed.

So what is really the interesting thing about this city of Eden?

The thing is, that according to my research, and other research done in the Middle East, Eridu is the home of all the mechanisms and lore of mankind; religion, city state ideas, law and so on.

Eden is, if we perfect the ideas given to us in the Middle East by the city states that sprung up there.

See? It is something real. Something attainable.

That is the truth behind the American Dream, Israel is real and attainable. We do not have to be forced to go down as miserable, unhappy people. We can actually, by building a good system according to all the eternal principles of Eden as a city, make a Utopia, it is real.

So that is what we need to remember and tell ourselves from time to time, the job is not finished, it has just started, the dream needs its builders to finish the job. There is still some way to go.

G-d bless the United States of America and Israel.

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