Universal rights

We need something, that will propel this election on.

Here is a take on it.

For a long time, we have been focused of what drives us apart, and not on what we have in common.

What do we have in common. Well there is one thing we all, from all corners of the world, have in common, a universal value; that is human rights.

Human rights have been dissolved into something I personally do not recognize very much lately. So we need, as I see it, to go back to basics, and have another look at what human rights and also, this includes of cause civil rights, do encompass.

It all started with French philosophers as Voltaire, that I happen to read these days. And let me tell you, he is SO inspiring.

What he did, was to look at rights as something universal. Something we can all have, but what is the basics of human rights? It is the freedom from tyranny.

To be free from oppression. This is THE idea about law. It gives the individual an attempt at being free from the haphazard will of tyranny and people who wish to put other people down.

It can be used in many areas of interest.

First and foremost it can be used to look at the freedom of the individual. Where does the state drive away the freedom of each citizen, and how do we ensure that this freedom is upheld. Here of cause we have a long and proud tradition in the US, to ensure that each individual has the ability to ensure his or her own freedom. That is THE idea that the valiant troops of the republic brings to the shores of the oppressed.

Then there is freedom of expression, that has been a huge issue here in Denmark. We are right now making a kind of ghastly monument in Denmark, my organization was, like Charlie Hebdo, gunned at by an Islamist five years ago. They even made a film about it.

But I think most important of all, freedom of looking however you want to look. Be it black, yellow green or white.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, we are all created equal under the grace of the spirit.

It doesn’t matter. We are all free, free from oppression and ridicule. Free to be who we are.

That would be the wise words of rev. Martin Luther King. To find freedom from opression through rights of each person of the beautiful republic of America.

G-d bless that amazing and happy country, may it live for another thousand years.

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