Unity not division

What does no deal really mean? Well, it is quite obvious, when you think about it. It means renegotiation. 

The problem with this current very prolonged negotiation, is the fact, that the right compromises have not been made. To make a deal, that is truly possible to wrench through the commons, one must find the balance between the issues that tear people apart, and then find the true middle ground.

That is what is missing. 

What I like about no deal, is the fact, that it actually gives the parliament a wider berth towards the EU bureaucracy. 

The terms a deal can be struck upon, are actually better, due to the fact, that the EU bureaucracy still needs a deal far more that the UK needs a deal.  

But what is important though, is to find a good compromise between right and left. 

Here are some of the poisonous issues:

1. Migration. Who and how many are supposed to migrate to the UK. 

2. Remigration. A lot of the public wants certain parts of the migration population to be kicked out. This may be an issue hard to discuss. But to truly find a compromise, you need to address the issue. My take on it has been to divide between islamists and secular Muslims. Throwing our the first and keeping an open door for the latter. There are many issues in regard to Polish and other Eastern European migrants that has to find a compromise as well.

3. Wealthfare state. A lot of people have suffered due to austerity measures. Find a compromise that will actually work here. 

4. Law and order. An issue that is hardpressing. Strengthen the security apparatus, put in the army if needs be. The gun and knife violence of London is not acceptable. 

5. Church matters. Strengthen the Church in all matters possible. This institution can and will bridge some of the gaps that is in between people in the country. Campaign for the Anglican Church within migrant communities, and see if you can sway some to support the Church of England.

6. Support the royal house. This is also an institution that bridges gaps. 

7. In other words, strengthen all those institution that seek to unify the divided country, and do not support those institutions that are dividing the country. Seek unity, not division.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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