Unity comes from good

There is a kind of change in the understanding of the liberal world view. We have had Trump, that kind of underlined the extreme animosity between right and left, and then we have had Woke and cultural Marxism being all the rave, after Trump.

These extremes, as it is, are not good for anyone. Not white people, not coloured people either, it makes people come less together and be less united.

There is a deeper level of understanding in these matters, that we have to face. Cultural marxism was a trend in the US, that came from Germany with the Jewish refugees of Frankfurt. Among them Adorno and Horkheimer. This is the root of Woke.

Being a Dane, I suppose I understand Adorno and Horkheimer better than most, because we stem from the same cultural intellectual ground.

But the difference between my perspective, that of unity, and that of mr. Adorno is, that I truly believe in the democratic and cultural foundation of the great nations around in the world.

What should unite us, shouldn’t be the animosity between different groups, but should be what we have in common. What brings us together.

Where mr. Adorno, the great thinker of the 50´es saw into darkness, to understand the light. I believe, that understanding what is good in its own worth, is what should unite us. What is beautiful and gracefull, what is kind and humble, what is sincere and honest. What strives to be true and not to be lying, what will help others and not just thinks about themselves.

These virtues are what should unite us, within a good systematical frame off cause. But what is good, is what unites.

G-d bless the will to see things from a positive angle.

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