Unity and not division

When I fought with ms. Hillary Clinton the first time, when Trump just got started. We had a long discussion on the migration issue, we kind of concluded, that we needed to find a solution that was in the middle, that all could accept, hence the idea about trying to follow the rules, and organizing the borders and so on.

We also talked a lot about going into a gunfight with a knife, in the realization that if we did not have some kind of reasonable position on borders, we would be dragged down.

We didn’t win, but looking back on the fight, considering the hard election battle, we actually did ok.

Anyway, now it is a bit of the same. Trump is coming back, and this time he will be coming at us with a vengeance.

So we need to be prepared for that fight, as I see it.

Not doing our preparations, is leaving the current president unprepared. We need to be ready for whatever Trump is coming with. He will be coming with the wall and all that. So we need to have some kind of plan.

As I see it, and that was really also where we left the issue the last time, we need to find some kind of answer, that unites instead of divides. Because we have had too much division. We need unity.

How we find that answer is hard, but we need to talk about some kind of solution.

At least this is where we left it the last time. Things have evolved a bit here in Europe, but it is essentially the same issues we need to have some kind of understanding with.

Something that unites and does not divide.

G-d bless the will to find a cross aisle solution to this horrible question.

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