One of the things, that Obama was really keen on, in the aftermath of his presidency, was to talk about unity.

This is really important, I think, because this world is wrought with strife and disagreement.

It comes from social media, all the things that social media is bringing us, is not only good. Debate is off cause the lifeblood of any democracy, but when it gets to be open strife and lack of agreement, it goes the other way.

This is not to say, that there are some ideas of the conservatives that are not good. I have been a proponent of reaching across the aisle, and trying to show that politics can function.

But at the heart of the matter, it is all about understanding the trends of time, and meeting these trends with a good answer.

That is really the difficult thing of todays political life.

But finding that balance between left and right of politics, is the Center strategy.

Add to this, it goes hand in hand with some beautiful ideas of spirit, so it is a more profound path that just a superficial policy only.

G-d bless the unity we can find.

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