I am not white, you know my mother was white, but I am not. Having to grow up in a community where everybody else is white, has been difficult. But it has also given me an understanding of the possibility of being together with people, even though my skin had a different hue than those around me.

Anyway, you can either take the path of agression or you can take the path of reconciliation in a situation like that.

Sometimes, you need to fight. I do it all the time. Tough, life threatening fights. I have fought a vicious fight against some kind of marauders, who are trying to kill all the trees here in Denmark. They are trying to destroy all the beautiful, living forests here in Denmark. I fought it, with all that I have of energy and ressources.

But, there is another way, often, and it is when that path is open, the path of dialogue and understanding, that we need to follow that.

It takes an adversary or opponent who is willing to be open, to discuss. This is why it is so very important, to have good teachers and academics, who are willing to sacrifice their lives in the service of our democracy. Someone, who are using their lives, to further the UNDERSTANDING between peoples.

That is what I truly believe is the answer to all the difficult discussions and fights we have had lately. Instead of dedicating ourselves to the trenches, we should always, whenever possible, seek the path of understanding.

Doing that, will be a remedy to all the animosity we experience in the wake of Trump and the reaction from the Liberals.

We should unite under the flag of understanding, and dialogue.

G-d bless the will to breach the divide. G-d bless the will to understand those around us, and find peace.

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