Joe, you see, you can only rule on truth.

Man is a special animal. If uncontrolled he or she will go into the trenches and start figthting from there. But if you base your rule on truth and justice, he will accept your wisdom.

This is really the problem with Ukraine. The truth is, that first Russia annexed Sevastopol, that was filled with mainly Russians. Then the breakaway republics of Ukraine, that is Donetsk and Luhansk wanted to join Sevastopol. But Putin stopped the war, since he was pretty much satisfied with Sevastopol. But the problem remained, and forces of Ukraine fought the rebels of Donetsk with guns.

So Putin saw, that we are weak due to migration from the Middle East and attacked Ukraine. What he did not count on, is the fact, that there are no migrants in Ukraine, and they have a seasoned army, so he came into trouble.

So there are no good or bad in the situation, to be honest. There is a lot groupthinking and animosity. But there is no upper moral ground really.

So, this is the situation. If you want to lead the world, you need to be honest about the situation. And try to find a way to solve the issues around.

If not, it will spread, and create the third world war.

G-d bless the will to be honest and true about the situation in Ukraine.

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