Ok Zelenski, this is your window of opportunity. The Russians have, in their violent and destructive way, tought you a lesson to their power. Don’t underestimate the Russians. Napoleon underestimated the Russians, Hitler underestimated the Russians, and the result was the end of both Napoleon and Hitler. Right?

Idealism has a strange way of finding its end ind the endless ressources of the Russians. That is the historical experience.

At the other hand, truth is, Russia is a REACTIVE force. It has spread itself east in a thousand years, not once been imperialistic in the other direction. Why? Because that is what it has been from the beginning, a viking culture spreading east. It started from Sweden and Denmark, and then just spread east.

So, seen from this mindset, the solution to your problem of mr. Putin, is to find a balance between your needs of security and peace, and the needs of mr. Putins of stability and security.

Putin is fighter.

So what he respects, is a man. A man of honour and integrity. He respects a man that talks and walks in the same way.

So in order to end the destructive war, what you need to do, is to make a small step, and then apply it. Make small steps, and then see, if Putin is ok with that.

Step by step, and then keep your words.

There is no figuring things out or being smarter than everybody else. I mean, I for one REALLY have the sympathy for BOTH Ukraine and Russia. I hope for a peace deal. And I am not stupid.

The same goes for mr. Putin. You can say a lot about him, but one thing is certain, you cannot outfox him. Being honest with him will work much better.

These are the ways of peace dealing. Finding trust, so that you can actually make deals.

G-d bless the peace we hope to find in the destructive wars of Ukraine.

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