To be American

What is it truly to be an American? If you look deep down, and at the very apocryphal layers of that Great and amazing country, you come to a place of secrecy.
Have you wondered why there was this weird pyramid on your five dollar bills? Or what that beacon on the top of the liberty statue means, or what about the fact that most of Washington D.C. is a huge Egyptian city?

I will tell you why.

Some years ago, I was approached by the freemasons, and then by the knights higher up in the hierarchy. It was at a time, where I, tumultuously broke through internationally, and I was at the same time being buried under a lot of pressure from government bodies, so I didn’t really have either the energy or the appreciation about what was happening.

Imagine you were approached by secret knights of the jedi order wanting you to be a knight in their order.

I came through with it at some level, and I am proud to say, that today I do represent the order of st. John, the Maltese nights. Having a high position in that order.

It sounds weird right? Like having pyramids on the five dollar bills.

I learned some things, but one thing I truly learned from my senior teacher, was the value of Egyptology.

I didn’t really understand all that talk about Egypt, but then I started digging.

I realised, there was a layer, or are layers of our civilisation that harks all the way back to ancient Egypt. That is why we keep putting up all those cenotaphs, have crosses in our religions, talk about Glasnost or illumination.

But after reading a lot on the history of Egypt, I realised that only gave me a superficial knowledge. I needed to go deeper yet.

I found the answers I was looking for in two sources. One is Plato. The other is what you call hermeticism.

Plato you most probably know, at least in name, hermeticism you most probably do not know.

Hermeticism is comprised of a series of secret writings that date all the way back to the hellenised Egypt. That is when the Greeks held Egypt.

So it is actually a bit of a mix between Greek philosophy and the ancient Egyptian philosophy. However, it is the best that we have got.

In this view, you have the sun G-d Ra, living in the amazing city On or Heliopolis. He will spread the light by telling the truth.

The TRUTH is the light.


The eye on the pyramid of the five dollar note, is the eye of the G-d Ra, shining his light, the truth on everybody.

The same of the statue of liberty, what she shines from the beacon, is the truth.

It was brought to the US through some of the masonic orders. The US being one of the principal strongholds of masonry.

Well, you probably have a feeling about this, at least if you have seen the Star Wars series, where this is depicted, most beautifully in the order of the Jedi (Templars and Maltese nights) fighting for the republic.

What you may not know however, and this is where you need to peak your ears, is what it is you actually DO with these ideas.

What you do, is that you stand tall, unbowed by pressure, unbowed by the naysayers, the liars, the manipulators, the know it alls, and you speak truth.

It may sound easy, but that is the most difficult thing there is to do here on earth. Even though it is the basis of many a creed and religion, being honest and open spoken about the problems of a society is the most difficult there is.

You will be haunted by all those who wish to cloud the truth in order to have power.

You will get nothing out of being true, and yet you have to do it.

Who would do such a thing? Being true, knowing that it will give you nothing but misery?

Jesus did it, Ghandi did it, Tolstoy did it, Moses did it, Luther did it and many many more.

If you want Change, you have to be true.

That is what it is to be American. At the heart of that Great and strong country is. This is what it is, to be true.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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