The Workers

Trying to find a solution to the competition from the far east towards the West, we need to understand the quality of our own culture, in order for that culture to find itself again.

First of all, I really like craftsmen. I see myself as a craftsman. Yes, I am an academic, but my ideas are not really academic in the sense that they are supposed to be flashy and beautiful in their structure. I do not write philosophy to show off. What I try to do, as a constant, is to make ideas and structures that have quality. Like my ideas within green Change. You know, the easiest path of green Change, is to put up windmills in abundance, and show them off.

BUT, to make it work, we have to be thorough, truly understand this whole endeavour in all its aspects, to truly make a Change, that will work. It is not enough to make hydrogen fuelled cars, because what about the infrastructure. Here I believe, that we have to go just that extra mile, and change hydrogen to green fuel, to be able to use it in our existing infrastructure. Yes I know, that it is extra troublesome, but to really make a system that work, I believe we have to go that extra mile.

I have a friend who is a carpenter. But not just any carpenter. Per has made chairs that are exhibited in our museums. Danish Design and all that.

After the capital moved production to the East, what could Per do? So he invented a factory in his own workshop. He bought a huge saw, not just any saw, but one of those saws, they just don’t make anymore. Then he went to buy up lumber himself, the best oak you can get. He cut up the oak, and let it dry for two years, and then continued making this furniture of the very finest quality.

That is a craftsman, right there. He goes the extra mile, no the extra thousand miles, to make chairs that will last for a hundred years. That is his claim. He even showed me, a shovel and a small bucket, that the church uses when they put us in the ground, and he said, that what he made, will last at least 500 years.

That is craftsmanship of the highest order.

Can we find it in ourselves, to follow the example of Per, at make things of that quality in the West, again. Move the production back, and make things again. Be consistent and honest in our work.

To be a worker, is a mark of honour, and we should not forget that.

G-d bless the will to support our workers in this most difficult time of theirs.

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