The will to be free

I have given the current wars a bit of thought, why was it, that the wars that Barack and I did, was so much more of a succes, than what the US is doing today?

Well, I think the reason is, that off cause Barack was an amazing orator, he could give a speech, so that the angels sang. BUT, the thing that I contributed with, was the honest to g-d advise, that was all pure and without any corruption.

I did all the work I did, while I was working as a caretaker in an institution for boys that had had a hard life. So a lot of the groundwork I did, was written on some banged up computer that I had scavenged for my little computercafe, that all the children were playing at.

It is this honesty, that was the philosophical basis of the success.

Everybody knew, that my advice was honest.

So, this sincerely and honesty, is the answer to how the US was so successful. Why? Because in this world of social media, everybody knows what is going on anyway. You can push your agenda really hard, but at the end of the day, all you do is really cower people into accepting your agenda.

This is really not needed. I mean the needs of the US and the West in general are both justified, and based on some values and virtues, that are, hands down, amazing.

Humanistic, democratic virtues, are beautiful.

Yes, I guess, that the US is a bit more conservative than here in Denmark, but that is a good thing. I believe, that we are too free in the wrong things here in Denmark. The high degree of divorce, the uncaring for family, is not a good thing. I speak from my own experience.

But, the US based on all the beautiful ideals is essentially a good thing. Why is it, that the world loves Star Wars, it is because it exemplifies the rebel for democracy against tyranny. We love that.

So there is really no need to find new virtues or values, what we need to do, is to be idealistic about it. Fuel the fire of Democracy, be there with our virtues and freedom, and inspire.

If we do that, it will be a good thing for the world.

The situation we are in right now is good, but it will end, if we forget who we are, and what we are. Descendants of a beautiful culture of humanism and freedom.

G-d bless the will to be free and share the ideals of Democracy.

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