The will of G-d

Israel as a force of good has actually materialized itself in these days. I know, that there is a lot of discussion regarding the issues of the Temple Mount. But, seriously, if the saudis are actually supporting a peaceful solution, we are one step from actually rebuilding the temple itself.

What will a rebuilding of the temple require? According to the venerable rav Ashlag, it will require a common foundation of all three monotheistic religions. That is Islam, Judaism and Christianity. All should share the same basic religious ideas.

When that comes, the Temple Mount will be more than just a temple for Judaism. It will be a foundation for all three religions that come from Abraham.

This is what the current row is about. Can we make the temple or not.

As a metaphysician, it is obvious to me, that the differences between any man are just something we men made. Spirit or G-d never wanted that. It wanted us to be like it.

In this spirit the temple should be built. As a reflection of G-d, not us imperfect humans.

G-d bless the realization of what G-d wants.

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