The way

Rishi, you are in a good position to make a difference for all those, who are not directly descendant of the vikings that battled at Hastings in 1066.

BUT, this is my experience with the work I did with Barack Obama. Being of coloured skin as a PM forces you in a more conservative direction. You have to be more English than the English in a sense.

People will look at you, and think. Can we trust him, and you begin at minus 5 in the eyes of all the brits that are, right or wrong, wary of migrants.

BUT it is also an opportunity to show that even though your ancestors came from India, you actually support all the good things of british isles.

You know, my experience is, and I live in one of the most conservative parts of Denmark, people will look at you with suspicion in the beginning, but the WILL give you a chance to show who you are.

The key to be accepted is to be MORE conservative than the conservatives in the moral sense.

Be more honest, more supportive of the nation, more caring, be an example to the brits as to how you see the Great Britain.

If you do that, you will survive the onslaught and the suspicion.

Don’t go with the ones who tell you to do tricks and lie, be honest.

It is difficult, but that is the way.

G-d bless the British Isles.

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