The virtuous

There is a new paradigm on the way, you can look at Great Britain, France or the great United States of America, with different leaders.

But all have to tackle of the deterioration of the nation and the challenges ahead.

So, how to we go about tackling that.

As we have discussed it is about unity. United we stand, divide we fall.

But unity has to be something. It can’t be a hollow unity, it has to be a unity of some people, or some ideas.

Here I believe, that each nation has its own set of rules and ideas to work with. France is the great republic, Great Britain is a United Kingdom, The United States of America is a dream come true.

Each nation has to define what it is, and what its guiding ideas are, and will eventually be able to put those ideas at the heart of each nation. Educate people, fight for the values of each nation, and say no to people who disgrace the virtue of the state. Honestly there are some, who do not understand or respect the virtues of the nations at hand.

Those people, be it islamists or other, are and should be targets of the nation states security apparatus.

We have to realize, that freedom, equality and solidarity are not free, sometimes we need to stand up for those values, and say YES WE CAN!

G-d bless the will to be a good person in a world of conflict, and chose the path of peace.

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