The Ukippers

Ok, here a fortnight after the election, things seem to have unfurled more or less the way I saw it. The DUP is much more conservative than the conservatives, and draws the Tories to the right.

It is not good if this means control of gays, abortion and so on. But as a staunch supporter of a hard Brexit and a supporter of a serious crackdown on the islamists, this is good news.

In fact the position of Ms. May has actually improved considerably, because she can now point to the DUP when the backbenchers call for less pressure.

In fact, it has strengthened Ms. May overall. Yes, there is little tradition for a hung government in the UK, but in this strange coincidence, it is actually not that bad.

If we start crunching the numbers, we also see, that actually what happened was, that the UKIPers failed, not May. She got MORE votes overall than Cameron. I mean, how can that possible be a loss?

The problem was for the Conservatives, that UKIP votes were abandoning the cause in droves. This released a lot of the old Labourvotes back to Labour. So all the hoolabaloo about young voters and so is just that hoolabaloo. The real reason for the Labour turnaround was the UKIP collapse.

Mr. Farage made a huge mistake in losing the reins too early. It also tell the Tories, that a good UKIP in the race will, by mathematics, not mean an increased UKIP number of MP but Tory MPs. Strange world we are living in.

So by celestial providence, the power ended up where it was intended in the first place; in a place where Westminster has to work for a hard Brexit.

G-d bless the United Kingdom.

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