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We are nearing the end of the Brexit negotiations, one way or the other. As a staunch Brexiteer, these are my reflections so far.

First of all, the people of the UK has been so mired in the discussion of Brexit, that several world changing events have gone over their heads. First and foremost the fact, that the EU is crumbling from within. It would be a bit of a paradox, if the UK was to make a plan with a system that simply did not exist anymore.

It is crumbling on many fronts. Italy is negating the influence from Bruxelles, the East European countries have simply stopped implementing laws that they do not like, in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, where the EU rule is strongest. There is no political opposition of note, except from a few muffled voices, but the people have gone to the streets, and they are threatening to kill the leaders outright. This in a situation, where the police seem to side with the rebels.

That is the EU you are dealing with. A walking corpse essentially.

Fast forward the development ten years, how do you think things will be then?

To look at the tendencies, there will be two developments. One will be within the parliamentary structure, the other will be open rebellion.

I have betted on the parliament development, because open rebellion tends to be very violent, and will, to put it bluntly be the decapitation of heads of state. Macron is in such a danger right now, so is the EU parliament in a few years.

War is to be avoided at all costs to me. War is the mother of all evil.

But back to the UK again. Since the EU is crumbling, the whole discussion on Brexit is more and more meaningless. I supported Brexit, because I believe, that the citizens of the UK are entitled to a vote themselves, and honestly, cutting the anchorage to a sinking ship is a good thing to do. Otherwise you will yourselves be dragged down.

At the other hand, there are a lot of people who have migrated to the UK who are not originally from the UK. Many of them loyal to the state and parliamentary democracy. These should find a warm and welcome home.

We have the problem with those who are islamists. They are, for better or worse enemies of the state, they should be repatriated due to the conflict they seek.

They are many, and they are threatening the cohesion of the society, and openly make threats of violence. They also do violence.

So get over with it, make the best deal you can. But make sure, that the Brexiteers are on board. Otherwise it will be seen as a remainerdeal, and people will rebel.

G-d bless the will to see things from above, and get things done. Thank you.

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