The Uighur

The main confrontation right now, is the confrontation between the US and China.

Why? Because it has the potential to develop into an all embracing world war, with nukes and the whole ballgame. Armageddon.

So we need to be really, really careful how we tackle this conflict.

Ok, so now we ally ourselves with the Uighur. That is fine, really, just the other day some smuck wrote to me; first we take the Uighur, then we take the Jews.

So, there is definitely a parallel there.

BUT, this is where we have to tread carefully. If we paint ourselves into a corner, we will start a atomic war. Say that the Chinese ignores our pleas to help the Uighur, and rhetoric builds, where will we end?

The problem is, that we are not really facing a liberation war of the Uighur, we are facing a geopolitical struggle for sovereignty in the pacific. So using the Uighur as a cause can win over some hearts and minds, but it will also, potentially leave us in a corner with the wrong allies. Because who are the Uighur allied with?

So my take on this would be; tread very carefully, be predicatable, so that we avoid the nuclear war.

We are in a war with China, that is as it is, but finding bad excuses for throwing nuclear warheads over Beijing, is a very bad idea.

Add to this the fact, that Europe is gearing up for a war with ISIS, the US will loose the initiative in the European theatre.

So, leadership is about getting real about the different priorities in the world, it is not in the interest of Europe, Russia or any other coalition to support the Uighur 100%, but it is a priority to tackle China for most large powers, so a balanced and skilled priority here is really important.

Let China feel, that there is a certain liberty in their affairs, but push them hard economically as well on humanistic values. See that China liberates the Uighurs, but don’t threaten to nuke Beijing if they don’t.

See? It is a diplomatic dance, that needs to lead to somewhere.

G-d bless the peace we will find in the end.

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