The two pronged war

Well, it is a problem, that the US strategic concerns seem to be vacuumed into new constellations, that it is not really interested in.

Let us have a look at it.

First of all. Mr. Obama made a political shift from focusing on Russia, to focusing on China, as the main adversary.

To be honest, that was, partially, a fault. It made it possible for Russia, to grow and pose a much greater threat, than what we expected.

This ties into the gas pipe from Russia to Germany, that has made it possible for Russia to hold some sway over Central European politics.

At the other hand, it has made the case for a renewed, healthy competition between China and the US. There has been a lot of political will to get the production of American goods back to the US, and this is good for the US long term, and gives the workers a job, another good thing. The endless siphoning of jobs to China, is a great threat to working communities. Not only in the US, but also in Europe as such.

This creates, in practice, a situation, where we are kind fighting on two fronts at once. Since the tools are different in each scenario, it makes sense.

Mr. Kissinger was of the intention, that the US should focus on Russia and not on China. I was of the intention, that we should focus on China and not on Russia. Now the situation is, that we focus on both, at the same time fighting radical islam.

So we can actually do it.

The problem about the strategy of fighting three wars at a time, is 1. It requires some pretty amazing balancing to make it work. 2. It is a pretty difficult for our allies, to fight in all three scenarios at one time.

So what is the logical conclusion. We need to roll with the punches. If there is an increase in hostility in the pacific, we need to counter that. At the same time, we need to roll with punches in Europa as well.

So we need to be playing two or three games at once.

First of all, the great threat in Europe is actually, as mr. Erdogan pointed out, besides from Russian agression. Islamist agression in Northern Europe. Al Qeada, Hamas, Islamic jihad are, covertly, operating from especially Sweden. Incorporating Sweden into NATO poses a great risk therefor.

Seen from a strictly defense political view, this is a great problem. There are 30% muslims in Sweden, and they pose a pretty heavy threat to not only the political system in Sweden, but also to the surrounding countries. We are much better prepared in Denmark and Norway, but when the s…. hits the fan, things are going to get ugly.

Add to this, the newfound friendship between Saudiarabia and Russia. The coordination between the islamists and Russia is a potential.

This is not about racism, I am not talking color here, I am talking islamists and radical terrorists.

Sweden seems to have lost control of great parts of its territory, so that basket of problems is going to explode sooner or later. Sweden can of cause make a massive mobilisation towards Russia, and they are doing that, but this still does not tackle the islamists.

My idea has been to try and evacuate and repatriate the islamists out of Europe, before we get to a real war, and start killing each other. But this seems to be against some sentiment of humanism in Europe. As if war is much more humane. I have tried to defuse the situation.

But, this gets us to the main point. War is coming to Europe, and we need to be clear on our targets. We also need to realise, that there are two opponents. Russia and the islamists (not all muslim), and we need to prepare for even a more aggressive Russia.

In the Chinese situation it is the same. China uses the opportunity to curb the freedoms of Hong Kong, and seem to linger close to Taiwan. As Russia is, more or less, loosing the war in Ukraine, as it stands, China is waiting to put its bets.

But we never know, what will come out of it.

So we need also, to prepare here.

G-d bless the will to understand the threats of security in Europa as well as in the pacific ocean.

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