The strategic view

When I was in Chile some years back. I chanced upon the naval museum, where certain stories were told. One story I particularly liked, was about a certain English lord, whom had, in his holiday chanced upon Chile.

As the distinguished lord fell upon the friendly country, he enrolled in a naval battle on the side of the Chileans.

He had the traditional upperclass elegance usually seen with English aristocracy.

They exhibited a letter, where he ordered the Chileans troops around, and he told them to place themselves “Estrategically”.

Beautiful isn’t it? I can just see the old warbird sitting there on his Chilean warship, with his pen and quill, and writing his orders to the gaping and idolatrous Chileans.

Now, let us use that old warbirds wisdom again here in Europe. Because what if we take a step back, and look at the situation of Europe, “Estrategically”.

Well, if we look at our enemies, we must admit, that they have us by the throat.

We are war weary, and we do not have the weapons to combat said enemy.

Our weapons are made for mass scale war, while our enemies, that is mainly the Muslim Brotherhood and their cronies are waging a war against us, using our own weaknesses against us. Honestly using a wave of poor migrants as a weapon, that was genius.

We still reel from the backlash.

So instead of using tanks and aero planes, they use knives, trucks and suicide bombs.

You have to respect a enemy that has no ressources but knives, winning over an enemy that has supersonic jets. Estrategically, we have been beaten with simple means and cunning.

THAT is why, I am proposing a shift of strategy. Instead of keep using the second world war machinery, we need to develop new means of arms.

That is fast moving, flexible forces, that can come to the rescue at a short moment of notice.

Drones, special troops, AI and so on.

Warfare is changing due to new enemies.

At the same time, we need to stop looking at the old media for our only inspiration. There are plenty of new media around, and that will save us. My blog one of them, but there are plenty of others.

We have to zoom out, go back in time, have a sit in that captains chair, in the map room of the battle cruiser, rigged with sails and made of oak. And have cool look at the threats.

The main threat is turkey, Quatar and the migrant waves that are, some of them, artificial.

We have to beat back the barbarians, I believe the old lord would have said. And, to be fair, he would be right.

G-d bless the will of the wise, and let us not forget our humanity. Because war is always terrible. Especially the crude wars.

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