The soul of the Nation

There is an option for the new PM to try and go the path of “change”, that mr. Barack Obama trailblazed under his presidentship. I have tried to give it some thought, and these are my initial reflections.

The US is very much different that the UK. The US is a PRODUCT of the US in the sense, that all the rebels of the old world sought refuge in the new world, and has therefor created a society where idealism and the pursuit for a better world is the driving force, the frontier.

In the UK it is different. The UK is a combination of welsh, irish, danish and essentially Roman ideas. A viking/roman system that is forged in time immemorial.

Change is to find a way in this setting and renew it.

Change is not a superficial, scholastic attempt at doing someting, but a profound search for the very core of the American society. If Change is to be made in the UK, it should be made on the terms of the UK.

In that way, potentially we can contribute to the very healing of the nation, in the sense, that many are searching for answers in the UK, but few truly are able to understand what it is to be a part of the Nation.

Defining that answer is what Change is about. You can reboot the economy, but that will only heal the material realm, healing the spirit of the nation is really what Change is all about.

Take that path, and the profoundness is possible.

G-d bless the will to look deep into the core of the british national soul.

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