The root cause

Ok, let us have a look at the issues concerning the conflicts between the Palestinians and the Jews. 

First of all we need to look at the root cause of the problem.

The root cause of the problem is, that these two peoples are living side by side, in a very small area. 

It is like, if you live five people in the same flat. Wouldn’t you be annoyed at each other? 

Then there is the motivation for Hamas. Hamas is the spear of sunni agression against Israel. Since we have reached a positive relationship with most Arabs, Hamas is getting left behind. 

The Egyptians have fought Hamas for a long time in Egypt, so off cause they don’t want them on their own territory. 

So the Arab states don’t want to fight Israel, if they can help it, and Hamas is getting left behind. So what do they do?

They try to make so much trouble, that it FORCES the Arabs to root for them. 

So this fight is not really against Israel, it is to curry favor among the Arab states. 

This is VERY important, if you want to make peace. Because if you do not see things from the perspective of the real problem. You can’t solve the problem. 

So some Arab states have floated the idea, that in order to truly solve the problem, we COULD move at least Hamas out of Gaza. 

It was not my idea, I have just followed the trend within the Arab states. 

To me Egypt, Saudiarabia and all the other Arab states are friends. I do not buy into that negative stereotypical understanding of all muslims this and that. 

So adress the root cause, and then you can solve the problem. 

Making two independent states may seem fair, but it does not address the true problem. 

It is a matter of understanding this on the higher diplomatic level. 

Egypt is a friend, we need to listen to Egypt. 

So the plot thickens, and the solutions is getting nearer. 

G-d bless the will to do good, and see everybody as human beings, Arab and Jew.

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