The Punic wars

The Democratic Party is at some kind of Crossroads. I mean, let us have a bit of a look in the mirror. When Barack was in the leading seat, we had a wonderful and epic lead in all. Yes, there were things that could have been done better. But in most cases, things went really well. The US was at its peak in terms of international respect, we got the economy turned around and that did some good for the country, we even thought about making some kind of serious border control. Not a wall, but some kind of normal border situation.

Then came Trump, and the whole world went bananas. First of all, I really did my best to fight him at the election we had with Hillary. I lost, I get it, Trump was just amazing as a campaigner. You could hate his style, but he was effective. And the Americans just didn’t like Hillary.

So, we had four years of Trump, and a whole lot of chaos.

Some of the things Trump did, weren’t so bad. I mean the whole anticorruption spree he went on, was good.

But the image of the US was tarnished in the world, and now we are kind of trying to recuperate.

So we drew out of Afghanistan, and now we fight in Ukraine.

Both wars, that are pretty awful and not that good for the image of the US.

You can spin all the wheels of propaganda, but in this social media world, the propaganda just does not cut it. People don’t want to get in the way of the war, so they feing an interest in it, and then try to not get harmed.

I truly agree with Europe spending more money on defence, yes I totally agree. But the Ukraine war is an American project.

On the economic side. This has both a good and a bad effect. The bad effect is, that the American dollar is soon to loose its status as the number one trade value. This will make the American economy much more vulnerable to the flux of economy, but it is not the end of the world, because the other effect of the war, the fact, that we are getting our production back from China, alleviates this issue.

So the focus on American production was a very important step we took under the Obama administration, and it will weather the downfall of the dollar as the trade currency.

We will see where it all ends, but one things is certain, the conflict with China is not over, it has just started, and that is a fierce conflict, if there ever was one. It reminds me of the fight between emerging Rome and Karthago. The conflict between the old and the new power.

There are similarities, and there are profound differences, not the least, that the Phoenicians were not willing to face the threat, they left it to Hannibal. But this time with the US, it is different. They call it the Thucydides trap, what does not make of sense, since the prime example is the Phoenician war, and not the influx of Greek culture that was what Thucydides stood for. But never mind.

The Punic wars are the obvious historical example that the China/US conflict is all about.

G-d bless the will to be swift on foot, and honest in opinion.

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