The problem of poor people

Ok, here is the problem mr. Sunak. You have absolutely no idea about how it is to be poor. No idea about the suffering, the unpaid bills, the angst, the abuse and the constant stress and ridicule.

But the thing is, to be poor is not so different from being rich, really. I happen to have a big foot in both worlds. My fathers family used to be a, and still is a very rich family from Bangladesh. We have numerous NASA scientists and prolific academics in my family. Same with my mothers family. My aunt studied at Sorbonne and so on.

But I happen to be a son of the black sheep of the family. My mother was a rebel, a communist, a liberator, a flame upon the firmament of people, so she ended up in a ghetto, where I grew up. My dad went back to Bangladesh, a drunk at the time, and I grew up in a neighbourhood, that was filled with thieves, prostitutes and just a lot of poor losers.

The thing is, to my experience, and I really do have a personal experience with it. You have good poor people, you have good rich people. And you have bad poor people as well as bad rich people.

There are plenty of immoral scoundrels in the rich people world, and they are exactly the same as the ones being poor, the only difference is just the amount of money they have. I have a really rich friend, he is a doctor, and he is the best person in the world, and I have a poor friend, it’s the same, a cool guy.

The thing is, the PROBLEM of the rich and poor are different, and that is what it is all about. Where rich people can suffer a lot from loosing status and having to try and keep up the pace with their peers, poor people have MATERIAL problems. They can’t afford their housing, can’t pay their bills, and this leads to a lot of suffering.

So what you need to think about, when you want to help the working class it is about giving them a job. If they don’t have the ability to keep a job, make sure, SOMEONE in the family can carry the workload.

How do you give them jobs, you make sure, that the factory is open. It is as simple as that. Keep the production going.

But that is again a problem, because there has been A LOT of outsourcing of production, you need to make that stop. Make Britain build better.

Again, we are, essentially, all the same. But the poor people suffer when they can’t get a job, so that is what you are supposed to help them with.

And, if they loose buying power, stem the flow of inflation, make sure, they can pay their energy bill.

Do that, and you will meet their true needs, but make it fast, there is not much time to prove yourself.

G-d bless the will to make a stand, for both the well off, and for those who have so little. G-d bless the United Kingdom, and may it prosper.

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