The prince

When Alcibiades, the famous scion of Athens had used all his cards, and was thrown out of Athens, Socrates, that used to be Alcibiades teacher, went to Alcibades and said something like this:

“Royalty is not a given, talent, having that in abundance, is not a privilege. It is a possibility. These things are cards, that HAS to be combined with responsibility to be of any value. If you squander your gifts from spirit in this life, you will look back at your life as some kind of failure.”

That is the truth right there.

My dad was a hero. He was one of the brightest kids of his country, and had to flee to Denmark, because of civil war. There he succumbed to lack of recognition, nobody could see his qualities. So his life really just ended up as a bit misspent. He had so much potential.

So this was what I grew up with. A hero dad, who never really realized himself, and an essentially broken life. He was the prince, that never realized his potential. Actually he was not a prince, but a Nawab, which is a bit different, I think.

But then you are left with all this legacy and dreams of a system that used to be, and, many people, see as void.

The thing is, royalty DO have a role to play. It has the role of ethics and morality.

In a world where everything is falling apart, and people are, honestly really annoying, showing people, that there is such a things as decency, honesty, family values. That is the revolutionary thing to do.

There is no promise as to whether you succeed or not. I know, from my own life. But at the end of the day, your striving for a better world is what royalty is all about. Finding that path of goodness, is what it is all about.

You need to get down on your knees and pray. At least, this was what I did, when all was lost. I went to my knees a prayed for me, for my own life. And the answer is pretty simple. The way you treat the world, is the way you yourself is treated.

If you are the cool and honest guy, that respects everybody. You get the respect back. To get a good life, you need to be able to give.

Giving is so much harder than crying.

But that is truly the only way. Giving.

So Harry, you need to get up on your horse again, and ride into the sunset.

Because not using the gifts you have, to the betterment of humanity, will end you up in a bitter place, and you will be a sorry example to your own kids. This my experience.

But if you stand up in the morning, make your bed, and try your best, your kids will adore you.

G-d bless the will to be the good and amazing example, that is possible.

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