The peace

A milleneum ago, the great vikings of Scandinavia went to the East Roman Empire to serve as guards of the Empire. They were called the Varangian guard, and served, loyally and exemplary their lord in the Eastern Roman city of Constantinople.

Along the way from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, they founded cities to support them, on their journey. Kiev being the main city, that housed a Thinge and represented a wonderful city of north.

Be as it may, the Eastern Roman Empire collapsed, and the Varangians, were kind of trapped in the middle. No one really cared, and they were left to their own devices.

It created a nation of fighting men, trying to survive the endless hordes of the Mongols, fighting the Turks and so on.

An ever increasing attempt at surviving.

But we never forgot them here in Scandinavia, we still bear stories about our ancestors who returned with clothes of so many colours. We called some of them butterflies, for their fineries.

But now the very core of the great Rus is fighting each other, and somehow we in the West are supposed to support one faction.

Have we forgotten, that they are one people, and we supposed to help them find peace?

I know, that the anger runs deep, and as in all war, people are angry. But, as I see it, and this is the true perspective of Scandinavia. We should not pour more gasoline on the pyre. But try and make people find peace.

They are one people, and should meet as the true brothers they are.

At least, this should be the ideal.

G-d bless the peace, that is possible to find, if we try, so please try.

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