The path of light

It is pretty strange, after Hillary lost the last election, it seems to me, that we have had a phase of going all the way back to a 70’ties understanding of liberal politics. We have had the squad, ms. Pelosi has been a bit pickled with the situation, and things have seemed a bit out of here.

But that is politics, it shifts from right to left, to right like a pendulum.

Now we have an election coming up, I have finally managed to get my economy in order. A small tv station it may be that I now lead, but it is my tv station and it gets me a steady income. Something other may take for granted, but for me, that is a huge thing.

I am not rich, but it is ok, I am happy with it, and to be rich is not an aim in itself, but managing to pay the bills is a very nice thing indeed.

Anyway, so here we are again, we have managed to make peace internally in the party, and hopefully this peace will continue at least until and after the election.

We need to be united in this difficult situation.

Then we also need to discuss what we are fighting FOR.

This FOR is not easy, because what is it that we need to Change this time in order to meet the challenges ahead?

One thing that I am finally understanding after having read Steinberg is the American dream.

Rev. Luther King used to make speeches about this dream, but to be honest, I haven’t really understood it until now.

But Steinberg does understand it in his tale about California, and with him my understanding has become complete.

The American dream is to build paradise here on earth.

That is what you guys realized in California in the 50’ties.

Paradise on earth in the valley of Salinas.

So in order to fight for and protect that dream, we need to understand what paradise is. Or to use terms of the Bible; Eden.

Eden was a real place. In political terms it was the first city state in the Middle East and also called, at that time; Eridu.

You can still find traces of human settlement at the place where it was, but the traces have almost vanished.

So this cradle of civilisation that later gave us towering cities as Babylon and Nineveh, is what we understand as the first happy place, an ideal, Eden.

In order to create an Eden here on earth, we need faith. Faith is the pillar under Eden. That is, we as human beings need to care for each other, and build that country school, right?

As Hillary said, every county needs good cities that needs good schools, and that will give us a healthy society.

That is how we create Eden in the US. Through the virtue of American values; hard work, good neighbourship and honest deliberation.

Everybody, not just the rich or the poor, the white or the black. Everybody.

If we work, honestly with an aim at making a better world, we can actually create paradise of earth. It happened once, why not again?

Seen from a liberal perspective, that is community in action, and a viable path for us to travel on. The path of light, to cite my uncle mr. Poul Engberg.

The path of light.

G-d bless the dreams we may fulfill, and shape for the future.

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