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What is going on with social media?

Mr. Musk has just bought Twitter, I have, for a long time criticised social media quite a lot, and everybody are essentially really tired of social medias political bend of censorship.

I for one, have been a proponent of control with social media, if it does not comply to basic rules of democratic dialogue. To put censorship in the hands of fanatical leftwingers, is not the way democracy is supposed to work. Democracy is a system, where all are free to speak.

I get it, the destructiveness of negative dialogue in social media often make social media so toxic, that we need to do something. But just censuring on the basis of cultural marxism, which is the de facto norm today, is cultural marxism tyranny. That is the truth of it.

A healthy democracy makes room for all opinions, in fact a healthy democracy keeps the world open.

I know, that now comes the metaverse and all that, but the internet was devised as a tool to make people speak across the aisle, thereby, hopefully, making peace.

This is very, very important to truly remember.

I know, that the IT tycoons are rich, powerful and often pretty good looking 🙂

But my argument is, that if we FORGET the ideals our world was built on, then the rest of society will react very negatively.

I know, that I am, in internet years, an ancient being. But mr. Niels Bohr, who founded the internet in terms of ideology, he wanted to stop world war three by making the world more open, he was dead before I was even born. So my point is, maybe tech develops with a scaring pace, but the ideals remain the same.

We have the problem of negative flaming and trolling. This I get, but we should still keep the dialogue OPEN.

G-d bless the will to find peace through understanding.


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