The Open world

When we talk about the internet, we still need to understand what it is all about, in order to plot a course ahead.

The internet is the realisation of the Danish physicist Niels Bohrs attempt at making an open world. It is still formulated into ideas as open source, blockchains, that is based on open software, the whole Google suit of software is reflected by the idea. Many software companies still hold on to open source as a driving idea.

But, in this, where most software engineers have not understood much of what is going on, there is stil a mission in the software community, that most have lost sight of.

Mr. Niels Bohr wanted to make an open world, to bolster the Democratic idea. He believed, that dialogue and understanding would lead to peace.

Now we in this time of the world are here to make that happen. After a line of 70 years of innovation, we have finally come to a point, where mr. Bohrs ideas are possible to become fruitful. An honestly, due to greed, self-interest and lack of understanding, we do the absolute opposite. We think about what we can gain ourselves, and not about how we can make the world a better place. Mr. Niels Bohr was a Jew from the maternal side, he carried the torch of light and humanity to the next generation. Who are we to dim the light of that torch, just because we have no real interest in the betterment of the world?

There are multiple good things to say about the internet, and there is a lot of money to make, but it is based on the idea, that a more open world would lead to peace. If we forget that, then not only do we lose the grip of that torch of humanity, also, we will cut the link to our predecessors.

Money is not really relevant, if we are not in great need of using it, money is only relevant for the most basic needs, as well as making us able to help those in need.

But, and this is the principle we still need to remember, the open world, that mr. Bohr tried to create, is what makes Democracy real.

G-d bless the open world, lest us not forget our predecessors and their quest for human interaction as something viable and beautiful. G-d bless his memory, and may he make peace with his ideas.

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