The new world

This is a difficult time in history. Old systems fall, new emerge, and in between, the players are cast hither and there.

We are leaving the 68´s world and we are entering mine.

Simple as that.

That is an enlightened, honest world, where we strive for harmony.

But the shift can turn violent. This is why I very, very much urge all parts to keep their heads clear. We are not heading for some racist, neo nazi, templar world.

We are working on a world that is pure in the sense, that feelings are in harmony. This world is not a viking world, it is a mix of different world, that live, side by side in harmony.

There are some that are vikings, some are Catholics, some that are Protestants and so on. We live side by side.

When the media laments their demise, please, do not see this as a fall down, see it as a new beginning. There is a place for media in the new world. It is a much better place. Because what the world truly needs is a vanguard of fearless enlightenment.

You cannot any longer define who are the good guys or the bad guys, the politicians do not care anymore for your opinion. They go with the bloggers, because we are much more serious.

It has been like that for some time now. You just didn’t figure it out because it was mr. Obama that did the pulling of strings. But me, I am not a newspaper. Yes I had a formal education as a newsman, but this is not a newspaper, it is a blog.

I hope, that what we end up having, is a much more enlightened place, where we actually care for the truth, and stop being so craven and disgusting, have a little honour.

But that will obviously take a little while.

But, we will wait for that. Until then I suppose we just have to witness the toe creeping lamentation of the dethroned media.

G-d bless the will to be true.

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