The new round table

The british political agenda is shifting rapidly. Let me be honest, I hated when I saw Mrs. May being humiliated. It was a crying and devasted PM.

Not to deliver in politics is awful. But at the other hand, we need someone with the skill not the necessary political color scheme.

That is why I condone mr. Boris Johnson as the contender for the next PM. He has the immense amount of skill needed to pull the UK out the EU whith as little harm as possible.

He IS the right man.

I remember when I was invited to Oxford some years back, at the time of Mr. Cameron. I got hold of this amazing book written by Mr. Johson. A sort of political manifesto of Mr. Johnson, written as a tribute to the greatest conservatives of all time; Wiston Churchill.

I really liked it, and it is still in my bookshelf here in Denmark.

The idea of Churchill of managing both the left and right inspired me as well. Finding the political middleground.

That is truly the talent of mr. Johnson, and that is exactly the skillset we need these times.

The Tories are in danger of total collapse.

Bring in the knight to make a round table. That is mr. Johnson.

G-d bless the will to be honest and humble in the face of the mounting task at hand.

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