The Muslim world

My Bangladeshi family have always been a staunch supporter of western values. My father Mohammad Liaquat Hussain attended a British led boarding school, and was a freedom fighter in the Bangladeshi fight for freedom.

He always talked about Mohatma Ghandi, and his fight for freedom. But he still supported the British institutions that are still in place in both Pakistan as well as Bangladesh.

It was quite an eye opener for me, to talk to mr. Parviz a Pakistani scholar, and the identity crisis that is there in Pakistan these days.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is Isis and Al Quada, the Muslim Brotherhood and all the other pro islamists parties.

To be honest about these conflicts, there is an internal discussion within the Muslim community on to how to understand Western culture.

Here I believe, that we in the West must truly understand this discussion, and be a viable as well as honest partner.

I truly understand what it is, to lose ones religion. I have fought a vigorous battle to keep my spiritual identity, I still do.

Being active as well as constructive partners in the internal Muslim discussion, we in the West are not helping, if we do not understand it, or pick the wrong alliances out of ignorance.

Right now, the Danish system, represented by the police, seems to pick Islamic state as some kind of protected minority. They actively help them, saying one thing doing another.

This is the opposite of understanding Sunni Islam.

It only adds to the difficulty of the liberal Muslims trying to get a hand on their own identity. It is really destructive. We need to understand what is going on in the Muslim community to be a viable and serious partner.

Supporting Isis is not such a way.

Supporting the Kurds and fighting Turkey is much more supportive of the Muslim liberal world.

To be taken serious in a complicated world, requires insight.

These days, it seems to me, that only the liberal Muslims are supporting me, that is a problem, right then and there.

To my understanding, we need to resaddle, and fight the Islamists, as we have done so far, and support liberal Muslims.

Only then do we actually further the internal process of the Muslim community.

You know, they are just as us, some are grappling with their own identity, some are going berserk radicalized, others understand and like our humanistic democracies.

Finding that middle way is pretty important, I think, not only for us, but especially with Muslims, that are, quite frankly in two minds these days.

That is hard, but important.

G-d bless the will to be honest and wise in these matters.

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