The mild light

One of the things I learned in the campaigns I did with Barack Obama, was the value of virtue.

If we made some decisions that were unjust, as bombing the Pakistani with drones, we got a bad rep.. But if we did things to the letter in terms of ethics, we got a good rep.

You accrue a certain understanding of your character as you live your life.

The same goes for the current crown on the English. It is the sum of the virtue of the current king.

Therefor, it is really quite simple, you have to stick to your guns in terms of ethics. Find what is valuable to the crown, and do it, not with a fanfare or as a provocative action, but civilised and with style.

Currently, we have to get back on some of the old things, so we need to carve a new path.

That path is a path of justice and straightbacked integrity, as the late queen.

Just do as she did, and we will have a succes.

Talking about enlightenment, that is really the core of the idea of the kingship. There are actually two modes. One is Ra, that is the sun, bright and shining. This mode creates a lot of opposition, and then there is the light of the moon, Isis, that is benign and soft.

In the beginning, it is a good idea, to shine with the light of Isis. If it gets too bright, people will be affronted, but a mild light, everybody likes. The late queen perfected that ability, to shine mildly.

That is really where kingship is today. In the old days, the king would fight from the front, but as we have become a Republic. We need to stand back a bit, and let other do the heavy lifting.

But, we still need to shine our light, and that is why Isis mild light is the adequate light to shine with.

G-d bless the will to find a continuation of the English Crown. Hail to the new king.

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