The Middle East

There is some trouble brewing in the Middle East, especially around the Temple mount. The “Palestinians” wish to enforce the guilt of the Jews, and try to provoke a response.

At the heart of this matter lies the choice of the Christians the Jews and the Muslims. What do we want?

We can chose to find peace, or we can chose to fight each other. Why do we continue to chose to fight each other?

It is because we are often wrapped up in our feelings and immediate urge for action. We feel wronged and remember this and that wrongdoing.

This is a choice we can do, do we follow that feeling, or do we try and emancipate ourselves from the immediate reaction, and be a little realistic about the challenges we meet.

Instead of going on with the rush of emotion, we can take a little step back and try to seriously appraise the situation.

The Middle East has a lot to give the entire world, and a lot of the ideas that has been developed in the Middle East are still very active in the world.

I see Israels role as a tool to recreate a spiritual as well as an political turn around for the Middle East.

We got far Barack and I, and we need to build on that frame.

But if we rush in on the emotions of the Palestinians, we miss the bigger picture, that is that of the return of honour not only to the Muslims, but to the entirety of the Middle East, the birth cradle of man.

G-d bless the peace we can find.

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