The Middle East

Ok, the situation regarding the Middle East, and my personal involvement is this.

My personal involvement is moving in the right direction, with astounding pace.

I have had some very positive experiences with the EU process, a few days ago, I had the supreme honor to attend a meeting held I Ramallah with some of the leading Palestinians.

It went quite well, in the sense, that I, from my perspective, had the opportunity to get a bit of a feeling for, how people are feeling in Ramallah. It’s tough, and it is not easy.

But all in all it will take a lot of time, that is really my conclusion, after having reflected on the meeting for a few days. There is the proces of making all the documentation, that is required, there is the gap of massive distrust, that we have to find a way over. Add to this, there is the regional conflict we have to take into consideration.

But, we are slowly, turning some of the horrible conflicts around.

I will not be coming to the Middle East, at least 1 1/2 month from now, due to all the documentation, that has to be in order, to make a endeavour of this magnitude. That is how it is, things of this kind takes time, we have to be 100% sure, that there is no waste of money, and all the funds are used for exactly the right purpose. Which is important, when you get funds from tax payer money. Everything has to be in order.

But, we can, in the meanwhile, maybe try and push the peace process further.

G-d bless the will to find peace in the Middle East.

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