The light from Bagsvaerd

There is a sound medical producer in Denmark called Novo Nordisk. It has produced medicine for diabetes patients for many, many years, and I happen to know some of them.

It is a company, that seems like one of those medical companies, that you can actually trust and respect.

When the craze of valuedriven, ethical leadership was over the world, Novo Nordisk went all in, so much, that they almost did it too much, and things started to went sideways economically.

They call it the light from Bagsvaerd, since Bagsvaerd is the place they live and produce their medicine.

In contrary to big pharma, Novo Nordisk is a fund, that has no other point to their existence, than to help people in Denmark and around the world.

When the founder died, he made a trust, where no one could get any profit. The company was and is contained in itself.

It was at the same time, as when mr. Niels Bohr, the danish physician went to the US, and gave inspiration to the Copenhagen school of working, that gave us Open source, and free working environment. An idea used today at Facebook and Google.

The point being, that it is about the light of creating. Not usury and money, but creating something that will actually help other people.

These are your roots, maybe it is time to try to find these roots again?

Being a doctor is about healing and helping people. Not make money on it.

G-d bless the will to be enlightened in medicine also.

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