The liberal discussion

Well, that was quite a ruckus due to a small and insignificant comment on Islam by Mr. Johnson.

But, seriously? Mr. Johnson DEFENDED the right of Muslim women to wear the burka, and then he got all this criticism. As any subject in the political discourse that is essential to discuss, off cause one needs to put a serious enlightened focus on it.

I do not hate Muslims, actually there are many Muslims that I truly and with my whole heart, love. Among them my little sisters.

But that does not excempt Islam from a critical analysis. I love my own country as well, but that does not excempt it for critical analysis.

Critical analysis is a necessary tool to adopt to challenges.

There are absolutely obvious problems with migration in the UK, and the sole and only way to solve them, is to discuss them on an enlightened platform.

The democratic constitution of our countries are in conflict with some parts of Islam, especially the political parts of Islam.

What do we do about that?

My solution is to at least reflect upon it.

Not talking about it will end up in fascism, at least that is how it usually goes when there are major problems that the liberal democracies cannot solve. Then people rightfully conclude, that the system is the problem and they want another system. That is how the democratic state falls, the strong man comes to clean things up.

We need to be strong on these issues, but we need to keep our democratic constitution.

Have faith, fight for an enlightened debate without prejudice.

One way or another this discussion will have to be taken, we might as well do it with adherence to sound and positive principles. Such as freedom of speech.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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