The last crest of peace

We are finally seeing some development in the discussion on Brexit. I did not really see the opportunity, but now when it is here, it seems quite opportune. 

We are riding the last crest of peace in the parliamentary democratic final wave. 

To see what is at risk, one has to look at the continent, and see for oneself, the detriment that the current system has led to. We are at the final stage of democratic corruption, and soon, according to theory, tyrants will spring up to deal with the problems. 

It is written in scripture, as when Sodom and Gomorrah fell. We stand at the brink of the same absolute destruction in the continent. At least this is what Plato say and that is again reflected in the Old Testament, that describes the same processes of Eden style politics (Eden being the first city state in Mesopotamia, and hence the blueprint of the republic citystate as Plato describes it).

The only true option one has to absolute destruction according to Plato, is the sacrifice of the philosopher to turn the boat around. 

I have suceeded with that i the US, and in the East European states that is inspired by my thoughts, but Central Europe is not in time, and they have themselves rejected my help anyway, so they are hard core determined on committing suicide. 

Anyway, it is this spectre of destruction that Mrs. May faces, that the whole society of the UK faces. 

There is a sufficiently critical mass of uncorrupted politicians in the UK, so that the UK CAN avoid the destruction. Add to this a very benevolent royal house, that really cares about the country and the Englishmen there, and the Walisian, and the Irish and the Scottish.

My proposition is; put away your differences, and start at discussion in earnest. 

How may you find a way that will satisfy all the different perspectives of the citizens of the UK. 

First and foremost, I propose a sanguine look at the islamists of the country.

I am a descendant of a workers community, and all the horrors that currently is suffered in these workers communities I have seen with my own eyes here in Denmark as well. I know what it is like to live in a radical islamized community. 

It is like living in a war zone. 

However, I also know, that there many Muslims who are supporters of the liberal democratic idea. 

In essence we are talking about liberal as well as islamist Muslims. 

It is quite obvious, that the anti democratic Muslims is a treath to the democratic institutions. 

This is beyond doubt, and if not takled forcefully, it will overturn democracy, just as Nazism did in Germany. 

It is a threat of infiltration and destruction from within. 

This inherent threat is beyond right and left, and should be adressed accordingly. 

It is a massive threat, and is the vanguard of destruction coming your way. 

So man and woman up, and see through the fog of war and disagreement and look at what you all agree upon; that of protecting and defending liberal Democracy.

G-d bless the will to fight for freedom, equality and brotherhood.

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