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Well, to understand the present, you need to understand your past. I am reading Berkeley these days a prominent philosopher of the 17´th century.

In his days, philosphy was mostly a discussion of perception. How do we understand things (Descartes) and what does that do to our understanding of reality.

I mean, that is not the most dangerous of political subjets. It is in fact not really political.

Today, the ideas we discuss are mostly political, at least within the European family; Trier, Marx, Hegel.

It has spread to the US with Adorno and Heidegger, but it is really still here in central Europe, that the German tradition is living and breathing.

First of all, just becuase we lead in this area, does not make our ideas perfekt. I mean, Marx ideas were far from perfect, and they destroyed the world, in a sense, whereas Hegel ideas were good for Germany, but it was also the background of many a battle.

My ideas, the latest branch on the tree, has, so for, not lead to much bloodshed, but more to constructive solutions to complex problems.

I have given this a lot of thought, why is it, that my ideas are so much more hands on. I mean, Descartes was in his own head, most of the time, did he ever get out of it?

Hegel was a tower of thought, that was produced in a tower of shining ivory.

I think it has to do with the openness of the world. The internet, essentially, and then just, by coincidence, the early freespirited thinking, that was in the internet, when I was starting.

You could write almost anything.

This little window of oppotunity, has made it possible, to create a new kind of philosophy, that is in direct connection to the world. A connected philosophy.

Perhaps this is what the world has been waiting for, a small possibility, to create a world with less destruction, and a bit more peace?

Maybe, and then, we will see.

G-d bless the will to do good in a world riven with danger and chaos.

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