The hero

Zelenski, listen. I have been a blazing hero once. When I started my work as a blogger and political philosopher, I shook the world. The dynamics was astounding, and I felt like riding a wave.

You know what happened. I ended in a corner, the system did all it could to shut me up, they still do, and I have tried to survive ever since.

And, in a way, I get it. Because blazing heroes end up making a lot of trouble for the world. So, the world will applause you, and try to steal some of your glory, but at the end of the day, most leaders are pretty pragmatic, and they do not want war. A little war perhaps, that can be controlled but Third World War, not a chance.

So, after realising this. I began to use my talent to create a better world, use diplomacy, strengthen the international trends towards peace and prosperity for all in the world.

So now my job is to make peace, and hopefully realise that in my lifetime.

Point is, in the heat of the moment, to be a hero is a beautiful thing, but it does not matter. What matters is to make a frame around the citizens of each country, that may give them peace and stability.

Now, what is the potential win of Ukraine, to still hold Donbass and Luhansk, is that is winning scenario?

Maybe it is, but at the end, it is up to the citizens of the rebel republics, not anybody else, they choose.

There is the most honour in giving up your own self to your people. That is the greatest honour, to sacrifice yourself in the interest of your people.

How to do that is up to you. Dont count on much support from outside, a little, but there will not be much, look at the interests.

The West has supported Ukraine in all ways that it could, but we are not into a Third World War.

That is the base line.

At the other hand, finding a peace, that will satisfy both Ukraine and Russia is the only way this conflict can end without loosing the honour of each country.

How do you make that deal? You do it, by sacrificing your own honour in the interest of your people. Your people needs to be safe, not win international honour.

This is the way of the hero, that has been through it all, and decided to find peace as an aim of ones project. Not a humiliating peace, but a peace, where Ukraine remains independent, with a strong army.

G-d bless the will to be at peace, but a honourful peace, and g-d bless the sacrifice that Zelensky is soon to make, may he live to be a hero.

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